Please read the below questions (and answers) before asking anything, this section is updated to contain the most frequently asked question, so that I don't have to repeat myself answering them in forums or in my IM/IRC.

How to Configure mIRC to announce by hotkey

Refer to the AMIP mIRC tutorial.

How to advertise automatically in mIRC

By default automatic mode is disabled and it's recommended to set up hotkey or alias to announce song information. There is a good reason for this: most people are not interested in your song spam every time you change song in the player, you may flood the channel and get banned easily. OK, you've been warned.

Automatic mode can be enabled in AMIP Configurator | IRC Integration tab using the appropriate check-box (Announce automatically). You can access AMIP options by typing /dde mplug options in mIRC.

Enable Automatic Mode

Can I announce to particular channels?

Yes, in AMIP Configurator | Channels specify the list of channels you want to announce to. Then adjust your preset to start with /cme or /cmsg, like /cme np: %name.

Channels Configuration

AMIP will just iterate through the list of channels and send /describe #channel <text after /cme> to each channel. If you want standard messages (not actions like /me), then use /cmsg instead of /cme. You can also put multiple lines in the preset instead of using Channels configuration, like:

/describe #amip np: %name
/describe #radio Track: %name
/msg #dj Current song: %name

With such approach you can use different presets and formats for each channel.

Player hangs or crashes on start when AMIP is installed

The problem is related to DDE exchange. AMIP uses DDE to communicate with mIRC, but DDE can hang in some cases. If you are interested in details please see the Microsoft KB q136218.

Summary of the KB article: there is an application in your system with topmost window, but without message queue, it never returns when DdeConnect sends broadcast message which causes AMIP hangup.

Possible solutions:

  • Trace down and uninstall application without message queue.
  • Install AMIP Configurator open IRC Integration settings, change Transport to FileMapping or Disabled if you are not using IRC integration.

If you don't want to install AMIP Configurator, you can do it manually.

Open plugin.ini file located in the same folder as all your player plug-ins. If there is no such file, create it manually (plugin.ini for all the players except QCD, plugins.ini for the QCD player).

Put in the folowing:

[Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-In]

If the file already exists and has Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-In section, just change CFG_MAPPING value from 0 to 1.

This should fix the problem.

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