mIRC alias/hotkey configuration

Open your mIRC Scripts Editor (Tools | Scripts Editor, or press Alt+R).

mIRC Scripts Editor

Choose Aliases tab and type in one of the lines illustrated on the following screenshot.

mIRC Scripts Editor

/mp3 /dde mplug announce
/F12 /dde mplug announce preset 1
/sF12 /dde mplug announce preset 2

The first one will announce song info using the current AMIP preset when you type /mp3 in mIRC. Second will announce when you press F12 using present #1. The last one announces on Shift+F12 using preset #2.

Please note that you need to have a sane command in the preset which announces to mIRC, like the default one:

//describe $active np: %name [%min:%sec~m/%br~kbps/%sr~kHz]

Default preset is cached. If you use /dde mplug announce and change the preset in AMIP, it will still announce using the old preset unless you change the song. You can use /dde mplug announce preset 1 if you don't want to use cached preset.

Please note that some hotkeys and aliases may be already used by mIRC or by the script you may have installed. In this case the above examples may not work or produce incorrect results. Change the hotkeys/aliases or remove conflicting aliases to fix this.

Last modified: 2010/03/29 09:30 by serge