Beta & SDK Downloads

This page contains downloads for testers and developers. Feel free to test the new builds and use AMIP SDK. Please report problems in appropriate forums. You can also ask questions about AMIP SDK in SDK Support forum.


There is no AMIP beta version available at the moment, please use the released versions.


Download to use AMIP from your applications written in C/C++, Delphi, Java, C#, PHP or other languages that can call functions from dlls. You can control any player supported by AMIP, access all data available in AMIP, such as playlist, song tags and additional now playing information. SDK is based on Socket transport and allows to do all these operations remotely.

  • Version: 1.5
  • Built: 2010-03-23
  • ยป What's new
File Size (KB) 279

Download and check samples to know how to use it.


Java bindings for AMIP SDK. Contains AMIP SDK binary, Java wrapper classes, complete documentation, many samples.

  • Built: 2010-03-23
File Size (KB) 659

mIRC Socket Transport

The new socket transport for mIRC. Replaces FileMapping (that is one-way) and DDE (which has bugs). Install this if you have problems with DDE or need to control player remotely from your mIRC. Detailed instructions included.

  • Built: 2010-03-23
File Size (KB) 155


You can translate AMIP Configurator to your language, just download this file, open it in any text editor and translate the values (additional instructions inside).

  • Version: 2.3
  • Date: 26 March 2007
File Size (KB) 8
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