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Please read the introduction first, it describes how to use AMIP API from different clients and from the SDK.

Accessing AMIP Variables

Above introduction describes how to call API Commands, but you can also access AMIP variables and use special non-void (returning something) functions.

From mIRC using DDE

mIRC provides special $dde variable which can be used to get results of evaluated function via DDE.

//echo -s song title: $dde(mplug,var_name)

This sample shows how to print song title in mIRC that is evaluated via AMIP's DDE server (mplug). %name AMIP variable is replaced with var_name.

You can easily save the results of evaluation in mIRC script variables:

alias songinfo {
  set %songfile $dde(mPlug,var_fn)
  set %song $dde(mPlug,var_name)

To dump all AMIP variables you can type in mIRC:

/dde mplug dump

You must replace % with var_ in all AMIP variables to evaluate them.

To access AMIP configuration use cfg_KEY, where KEY is the config option key. You can dump all configuation keys and their current values in mIRC using:

/dde mplug cfgdump

To change configuration you should use this API command:
setvar key value
Where key is the configuration option and value is the new value you want to set. For example to disable AMIP from mIRC:

/dde mplug setvar enabled 0

From mIRC using Socket Transport

You need to download and install You'll find complete instructions in readme.txt inside the distribution.

ac.dll provides a plenty of functions, the most interesting in context of this section are:

mexec – executes AMIP command
meval – evaluates AMIP variable or command and returns the string result

Old /dde command:

/dde mplug announce

New /dll command:

/dll ac mexec announce

Basically, just replace "/dde mplug" with "/dll ac mexec".

Old $dde command:

//echo -s song title: $dde(mplug,var_name)

New $dll command:

//echo -s song title: $dll(ac,meval,var_name)

Evaluatable Functions

Some AMIP API functions that can be evaluated and return the value.

format format_spec
Returns now playing song details formatted according to the specified format. In mIRC can be used as $dde mplug format spec.

mIRC limitation:
Format specification cannot contain spaces. Replace all spaces with underscore ('_') char.
Example: $dde(mPlug,format,"np:_%name_[%min:%sec~m/%br~Kbps/%sr~KHz]").

fn idx
Returns name of the file from playlist with the specified idx index.

title idx
Returns song title from playlist with the specified idx index.

formatsong "idx:format_spec"
Returns song details formatted according to the specified format string for the song with idx index in the playlist. Doublequotes are necessary.

mIRC usage example:


Same limitations apply for formatsong as for format (can't use spaces).

AMIP 2.61 introduced new functions similar to formatsong and format:

  • rawformat
  • rawformatsong

The only difference is that these functions do not have limitations mentioned above, so that you can use spaces there and you don't have to quote strings, for example, not very convenient API call like:

ac_eval("format \"%name_%4\"");

can be replaced for convenience with the following:

ac_eval("rawformat %name %4");
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