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MarketAccess is a complete rewrite of the MarketEnabler. Click on the link below to download or scan the QR code.

File Version Size Release Date
MarketAccess.apk 1.0.6 40KB 22 July, 2010

Scan the QR code

This Android application emulates the SIM card of the chosen operator and makes paid apps accessible in the Android Market. You need it if you want to buy apps and games from Market, but Market is not (yet) available in your country or for your operator.

MarketAccess, as well as MarketEnabler requires root available on the device. It means than you need to unlock your phone and install the su application which will manage permissions for other apps that want to get root on the device. Google for details.

ActualSettings listSet custom



  • start on boot = start on SIM load, will also emulate when turning off airplane mode (and on boot since SIM is loaded on boot)
  • better root detection
  • fixed possible issue with hanging progress after automatic emulation


  • force install location option for FroYo (Auto/Internal/SD)
  • improved root check
  • better error reporting if setting sim numeric failed
  • code optimizations


  • automatically enables paid applications tab on some devices/firmwares by setting metadata_paid_apps_enabled=true in vending_preferences.xml (fixes issue 54)
  • self unload: exits and frees memory when you press Back button and after applying setting on boot
  • toast notification on backup
  • more reliable shell process execution not depending on pause between commands
  • minor UI cleanups


  • new icon
  • new interface for providers list
  • changed wording for both en and ru translations
  • clean UI


In case you already have rooted device, but su is not available or doesn't work properly, it's recommended that you install the new versions of the su binary and the Superuser.apk.

Download and flash the latest version from XDA Developers.

When the Superuser asks for MarketAccess shell permissions, make sure to choose Always Allow or Remember.


Why a rewrite?

The original application contains ads and reports usage with Google Analytics eating the traffic which is rather expensive here. First I wanted to just disable these features, but while looking through the code I found it not so good. A lot of duplicate copy/pasted code in different classes, bad design, unused resources wasting device space, unused methods and even classes. There is also an update service checking for new versions on every start, even when application already supports updates via aTrackDog, so this functionality is duplicated. I was new to Android development and wanted to try my skills in perfecting some existing application.

So what did you change?
  • removed ads (fixed issue 41 and issue 58)
  • removed reporting of the application usage via Google Analytics
  • added an option to fake provider automatically on boot (with a warning and confirmation) fixing issue 42
  • option to display notification on boot so that you know which provider is faked
  • confirmation when restoring from backup showing the value which will be restored
  • fixed actual value refresh when restoring from backup (fixed issue 16)
  • changed wording in the interface
  • moved strings to resources
  • added Russian translation
  • added a hint in the settings list to use the long tap
  • added root (su) check and an alert if it's not present (fixed issue 30)
  • Market (vending) application is killed using Java code instead of killall from busybox (works fine on the emulator without busybox)
  • cleaned unused code and resources, rewrote almost everything from scratch in simple and easy to understand/maintain/extend code
Any other features planned?

Yes, here is the short TODO:

  • simple one screen interface + menu
Can I donate?

Please donate to the original MarketEnabler developers instead.

What about the sources?

The source code is available in the official repository of the MarketEnabler in the MarketAccess branch.

Where can I report bugs or request features?

Please use the MarketEnabler issue tracker with the MarketAccess label.

How do I know about the new releases?

Install and use aTrackDog.

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