My jIRCii Plug-ins & Scripts

Channel Central Dialog

This plug-in is a GUI to edit channel settings, such as topic, modes and bans, pretty same as you can find in mIRC.

Channel dialog


  • Topic editing with history of latest 20 topics and MAX length indication
  • Raw codes mode as well as substitution mode for easier editing
  • Option to set bans that automatically expire in specified time
  • Opens by double click on the empty channel area or by /cc alias of via menu
  • other features similar to mIRC channel central dialog (92KB)

System Tray Support

Allows to minimize jIRCii into the system notification area.

Tray icon


  • Minimize to tray
  • Always keep tray icon
  • Flash tray icon on events
  • Display balloon tooltips on events
  • Configurable icons, number of clicks to restore, flash intervals, etc - Windows version (66KB)
jircii-tray.tar.gz - Linux version (120KB)

HTTP Proxy Support

By default jIRCii doesn't support HTTP proxies, only SOCKS. This plug-in adds HTTP↔SOCKS proxy tunnel and automatically configures jIRCii to use it.

HTTP Proxy Settings


  • Works with any HTTP/HTTPS proxy that supports CONNECT
  • Logging
  • BASIC and DIGEST auth support (no NTLM support) (427KB)

Google Desktop Search (GDS) Support

Indexes all your chats and queries into GDS. You'll be able to search and view them later.

GDS sample (97KB)


Flashes jIRCii window on events with configurable interval (65KB)

XStream Serialization

This one is for scripters mainly. Allows to serialize any Sleep data into XML and load it back. A kind of persistence. (271KB)

Nick Completion (Active Nicknames)

Provides advanced nick completion with mouse.


  • Inserts nick in the input field by single click on the nick in any place of the chat window
  • The same by double click in the nicklist
  • Replaces nick in the input field by subsequent clicks on different nicks
  • You can first type text and then click on the nick the text will be prepended by the nickname
  • To open query click on the nick to complete it, then click again (or double click again in the nicklist)

nc.irc (2KB)

Charset Recode

Allows you to specify charset encoding on a per channel/nick basis. (3KB)

Terminus TTF (Font)

TTF version of the very nice Linux monospaced terminal font – Terminus. Original version is available here.
Terminus Font in jIRCii (76KB)

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