SDK Changes

2010-03-23 (1.5)

  • removed the client receive message size limit (10K), can now get large playlists

2007-10-22 (1.4)

  • potential server crash fixed
  • RCF 0.9c, make sure to update AMIP to 2.63+, or SDK will not work with it
  • automatic server restart if crashed, better handling of invalid data on the wire
  • 64-bit version (mainly to work with 64-bin JVMs, bundled only with Java SDK)

2007-08-31 (1.3)

  • fixed mIRC dll unloading for mIRC 6.3 (hello Khaled!)


  • ac_is_client_initialized and ac_is_server_started functions with bindings for Java/PHP and mIRC API


  • thread safety of all the ac_ functions
  • PHP bindings


  • added C# bindings, see bindings/CSharp folder, all credits go to DJMarty who contributed this code

2007-05-13 (1.2)

  • fixed eval function to accept parameters with spaces, so that ac_eval("rawformat now playing %name (%4)"); works correctly now


  • added 'getsonginfo' sample which can be quite useful if you want to provide simple now playing for some application and don't want to use the API directly (you can run this script, catch its output and use it)


  • RCF 0.4
  • Fixed bug with the server always listening on


  • Destructors are more safe now, should not crash
  • RCF 0.2


  • Fix for Config.getOption() in Java SDK


  • Config class in Java bindings
  • 2 new Java samples DumpVariables and DumpConfig
  • Java SDK can be used with 1.4+ JDK version
  • Switch to RCF 0.1
  • Delphi samples


  • delphi bindings
  • minor fixes and comments
  • ac_call removed from header
  • playlist API functions
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