What is AMIP

AMIP stands for Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-in. The title doesn't reflect actual functionality (as in 2001), but who cares?

Present AMIP features:

  • Take "now playing" song information from all major music media players (Winamp, iTunes, QMP (QCD), foobar2000)
  • Pass "now playing" song details to almost any application (IRC clients: mIRC, jIRCii, Bersirc; IM clients: Miranda, Trillian, MSN Messenger; E-mail clients: The Bat!, Outlook, Thunderbird; Web browsers, blogging tools, windows clipboard and so on)
  • Quickly switch to the song you like via Search/Jump dialog with regular expressions support
  • Upload song information to your site via FTP/SFTP/HTTP POST & GET using PHP/ASP/CGI script


Last modified: 2007/04/15 11:41 by serge