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☆ ROOT is REQUIRED for automatic synchronization ☆

ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from Internet via NTP (Network Time Protocol). Useful if provider doesn't support NITZ, sends incorrect time or if your device/ROM has heavy clock drift.

There are 2 modes: automatic for root users and assisted mode for users without root (rootless mode).

Rootless mode features:

  • automatic atomic time retrieval with configurable interval
  • notification when offset exceeds user set threshold
  • assisted manual synchronization with the hint what time/date to set
  • precision between 1 and 30 seconds (because Android doesn't allow to set seconds)

Root mode features:

  • automatic sync with configurable interval
  • accuracy is ~1-20ms depending on your connection and NTP server
  • statistics (average drift per day, total time corrected)

Root is required because of Android security restrictions, vote for if you want it to work without root.

Common features:

  • time zone detection and adjustment based on geo location
  • customizable NTP/SNTP server and timeout
  • displays current date or time since last sync
  • NTP server details dialog
  • 3 color schemes (dark, light, default)
  • 12-hour or 24-hour clock format
  • optional haptic feedback and sync notification
  • clean and easy to use interface (tap screen values or use menu)

Don't have root? See for the detailed instructions.

Don't want or can't root your device? You can still use ClockSync as your precise time source to adjust your watch or other clocks, or to verify how accurate your cell time is, or set time manually in rootless mode.

Move to SD is disabled because automatic synchronization (timers) will not work when app is moved, also app size is very small and since not all files are moved to SD in any case, it would not save you more than 50Kb.

Issues, questions or suggestions? Please e-mail me, developers have no way to respond to Market comments. I reply to every e-mail within one day maximum (usually instantly).

See for more information.


Copy of the documents that you can find inside ClockSync application.

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