This application synchronizes system time with the precise atomic time provided by the NTP servers. You can sync the time manually or automatically.

Tapping on the Offset will update the time from NTP. Tapping on the System time will sync it with the atomic time. Long tapping performs high precision update/synchronization (see FAQ). You can also invoke the same actions from the application menu. Tapping on the Date toggles between the current date display and time since last synchronization. To see the detailed information about the NTP server tap on the Atomic time. To quickly access synchronization history and statistics perform a long tap on the Date/Last Sync.

ClockSync is free and has no ads. If you like the application, show your appreciation by leaving a comment and rating it in Play Store. In case something doesn't work properly or you are missing a feature, please mail me first. I respond to each and every e-mail within a day.

Author: Sergey Baranov (CrazyCoder)
E-mail: sbaranov@gmail.com
Google+: http://bit.ly/cs-plus
Web: http://bit.ly/clocksync