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AMIP Community _ Bug Reports _ AMIP + iTunes = Broken Home Sharing

Posted by: bigc90210 Oct 22 2012, 02:03 PM

hi all,

first off i'd like to say a huge thank you for this awesome piece of software, excellent work!

The issue that im having is that i have a home server which has itunes on it (win 7 x64 ultimate, itunes and it streams my media from its library around the house using home sharing to the likes of my ipad and iphone. its been working fine since day 1, i installed AMIP and suddenly i cant connect my ipad to the server. I can see the server, i click on it and it just spins (on the ipad).

Ive tried restarting the server, restarting the ipad, restarting the router, checking the firewall ports, and still nothing. AMIP itself works (im using it to output my now playing to a text file, which i then use in my gaming streams overlay) but there is a direct correlation of installing AMIP to home sharing not working.

Just thought i'd give you guys the heads up.



Posted by: Serge Oct 23 2012, 01:08 AM

I don't see how it can be related to AMIP.

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