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AMIP Community _ General Discussion _ disabling Now Playing to MSN

Posted by: SLYPHNIER Dec 23 2010, 07:03 AM

hello everyone

i have been using AMIP component for foobar2000 for a while
and i am thinking to disable now playing for msn and leaving other working usually

i already take alook plugin.ini
it seems i need to change either CFG_SENDMSN or CFG_MSNALT
or both ?

can someone help me give clear instruction rather than try out myself that maybe screwing others smile.gif

thanks in advance

Posted by: Serge Dec 23 2010, 07:46 AM

Set CFG_SENDMSN to 0 or see

Posted by: SLYPHNIER Dec 24 2010, 01:00 AM

thank you for the help, Sir Serge

i also found out that AMIP wrapper still have issue with photoshop
i am using Photoshop 64bit CS5...

when i look the pluggins ini, seems amip got detection function so when photoshop.exe it will switch alt+ctrl+z to ctrl+j ... but seems not working... at least on my system
altering to another shortcut fix the issue though

thanks again
and Merry Christmas ☆彡

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