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AMIP Community _ Support _ AMIP+MediaMonkey4+Ychat2.8.6-2

Posted by: Furexus Aug 27 2012, 01:34 AM


I've recently switched to Media Monkey and it seems that AMIP behaves kinda strange there. Everything works; i can edit preset #3 (if MM is run as administrator) as long as I start it with "say +whatever variables".

But that gives me in XChat just a regular Message, like:
"Furexus:np Band - Album - Title"

But I want to use something like /me np: %1 - %4 - %2. Just tying "say /me %1 - %4 - %2" doesn't work as it doesn't perform an action but just types "/me" without recognition of the metasign. I want something like
"Furexus np Band - Album - Title"

Has anybody a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!


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