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AMIP Community _ Feature Requests _ AIM Linked Screen Names

Posted by: RS Trax Nov 3 2007, 06:30 PM

First off, glad to see that AMIP is becoming a wider integration in popular apps.
I hope to see an update for its AIM6 plugin.
I found that the status change and %song change only works on a single screen name.
I have 1 main SN and linked 2 other SNs.
The status would only update either one or two of the SNs randomly when skipping track to track, even after restarting, but not all SNs simultaneously as I thought it should.

Also, %song has stopped working. It was all working correctly at first install though. I guess all this has to do with the Linked Screen Names. AMIP might just be confused between which screen names to update. Another temporary solution may be to update whatever the current buddylist is displayed.

Hope to see this fixed for AMIP 3.0 very soon! \:D/

Roth // RS Trax

Posted by: RS Trax Nov 3 2007, 07:14 PM works pretty well on Linked SNs, but it lacks options and configurations to customize tag formatting, etc. And it scrolls, there should be an option not to have it scrolling and just display the whole title. Also, "Winamp ***" is stuck in as part of the tag, but I think there's a way to disable that.

Pretty much it's like AMIP, but I like the better support for Linked SNs.

// Roth

Posted by: Serge Nov 3 2007, 08:23 PM

I'll check it, thanks.

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