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AMIP Community _ News _ AMIP 2.61 released

Posted by: Serge May 14 2007, 02:38 PM

AMIP Changes:

* Fixed 'formatsong' to accept underscores (should be replaced with <UND>)
+ Added 'rawformat' and 'rawformatsong' that get unquoted strings with spaces (which is not allowed for 'format' and 'formatsong' designed for mIRC). Useful for API calls.
+ %channels variable (number of channls in the file, 1 for mono, 2 for stereo)
+ %phwnd variable (Player HWND)
* 'control minimize' and 'control restore' commands will possibly work not only with Winamp
+ 'setplpos index' command (sets playlist position, index is 1-based)
* %variable is now also supported for the API eval command (before only var_variable form was supported)

SDK Changes:
2007-05-13 (1.2)
- fixed eval function to accept parameters with spaces, so that
ac_eval("rawformat now playing %name (%4)"); works correctly now

- added 'getsonginfo' sample which can be quite useful if you want
to provide simple now playing for some application and don't want
to use the API directly (you can run this script, catch its output
and use it)

Posted by: Serge Jul 15 2007, 05:41 PM

I've just uploaded a repacked installer that can install AMIP for

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