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AMIP Community _ Bug Reports _ output to text does not display with special characters

Posted by: jimieo May 9 2014, 09:10 PM

I've been using this plugin for my live stream for a while now. It's been a great help having it be a winamp plugin and only needing one program open to accomplish my goal.

I use this plugin for my live streams. The text file will appear in the stream so viewers can see what I am playing. The problem is that sometimes, if a song title has a special character in it, it will not display the song.

I had tested this with OBS just in case the problem was with my broadcast software, but it turned out that it was amip.

By special characters, I mean some like this:

chipzel - 4˛
Approaching Nirvana - Cancún

These are just two examples.

This is something I would love to see fixed in an update.

Posted by: Serge May 10 2014, 03:28 AM

There is no Unicode support, search the forum for more details.

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