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AMIP Community _ Bug Reports _ Auto-skipping to a new track in the middle of the current one

Posted by: smekideki Apr 15 2014, 09:08 AM

EDIT: Oh noez, this is AMIP forum, not AIMP(grr, whose idea was the name?)... sorry to bother you guys.

AIMP V3.55 (build 1345, 26.03.2014)
Windows 8 64 bit

When I am playing a longer track, the player automatically skips to the next one several minutes before the current track has finished.
This typically happens with tracks longer than 8 minutes, however not with all. On the other hand, if a track is affected by this, it happens regularly with it.
If I skip several seconds in the track progress-bar, the track will not be skipped.
The format of the tracks is MP3. The bitrate does not seem to matter(reproduced with 133-320 kbps), as well as the VBR. The encoder used to convert the track can be related - it seems to happen mostly with the tracks I have converted from another source(FLAC, CD). I cant remember the used conversion tool, it was one(or more) of the freely available.

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