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AMIP Community _ General Discussion _ variables not processed on startup (fb2k)

Posted by: Vittorio Sep 12 2009, 10:20 PM


I've set up AMIP to create a playlist, but the variables in "start" tab don't work:

/file:(D:\MyMusic\playlist.txt) foobar2000 started on %ystamp-%monstamp-%dstamp %hstamp:%mstamp:%sstamp

The text file then looks like this: foobar2000 started on %ystamp-%monstamp-%dstamp %hstamp:%mstamp:%sstamp

Anything else works fine.

Does anybody have a clue, what is going on?
I would appreciate any hint.

P.S.: I have the same code in "exit" tab, but "foobar closed on..." instead of "foobar started on..." and it works.

Posted by: Serge Sep 13 2009, 06:26 AM

I guess that variables are not processed yet when the player is started.

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