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AMIP Community _ Bug Reports _ amip - foobar2k : minimize/restore commands problem

Posted by: uplate Jan 2 2008, 02:00 AM

amip 2.6.3
foobar 0.9.5
narc (amip client plugin for irssi)

When sending a minimize command from NARC to AMIP with a maximized instance of FOOBAR running, nothing happens.

When sending a restore command from NARC to AMIP with a minimized (or maximized) instance of FOOBAR running, a weird window called "amip_foo_wrapper_window" pops up, and freezes FOOBAR when I try to close it.

Using minimize/maximize works perfectly with winamp5 using the same components.


Posted by: Serge Jan 2 2008, 11:24 AM

These commands work with Winamp and probably some other players compatible with Winamp. They are not guaranteed to work with Foobar.

It's a known limitation.

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