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AMIP Community _ Support _ Song titles over network?

Posted by: Noopectro Mar 25 2006, 11:30 PM


I have a setup where I have 2 computers, one is my network fileserver/media centre (which is connected to my TV and HiFi) and the other is my day-to-day computer.

I play my music through my media centre PC which is networked through a router to my day-to-day PC. I have a setup where AMIP posts the current song in iTunes to my website.
Now I was wondering if there was some way to get the AMIP on my media centre PC to post a song to my IRC and MSN on my day-to-day PC, through the network. The Remote/API section looks promising for this but the documentation makes it sound like it will only work on one computer.

Could anyone give me any insight into this, and possible ways of achiving my goal?

Posted by: Serge Mar 26 2006, 09:43 AM

This indeed can work on 2 computers. Download from beta downloads page and see readme.txt inside.

For AMIP read the Socket transport documentation, specify address and port of your machine where ac.dll is installed and choose Socket transport in AMIP Configurator.

ac.dll for mIRC should be configured to listen for connections on the external interface (not or on all interfaces (

You should be able to announce using /dll ac mexec announce if addresses are configured properly both in AMIP and in ac.dll for mIRC.

Unfortunately, MSN Integration is not based on socket API and can work only on the same machine where AMIP is installed.

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