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AMIP Community _ Feature Requests _ [resolved]MSN Advanced formatting fix?

Posted by: ToJa92 Mar 20 2010, 08:18 PM

In the newest MSN, I've noticed that if you use an alternative formatting like this: %1 - %2 [Album: %4~] it shows up as(for example): "Foo Fighters - Everlong [Album: Greatest Hits] -". My guess is that you send the custom field as the artist field and nothing to the song field. I wonder if you could fix the behavior so that if you use a " - " in your formatting, everything before would be as the artist field and everything after would become the song field(or whatever formatting is the standard for WMP etc.)?

A example: How it's done right now: artist->"%1 - %2 [Album: %4~]" song->""
But should be: artist->"%1" song->"%2 [Album: %4~]".
I think MSN automatically does " - " when you send artist + song so ideally you would remove the spaces from the formatting before announcing to msn.

Thanks for the hard work, by the way!

EDIT: Scrap the whole thread.
You just had to uncheck "alternative formatting", empty the album field, then the "title" field would be before " - " and "artist" field after the " - ". You can use for example "%2 [Album: %4~]" in the artist field without any problems.

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